Thank you for showing an interest in becoming a poolside helper!

About the role…

What is a poolside helper?

Being on Poolside helps the teachers manage their swimmers and provide a better experience for everyone at the club – we put our Poolside Helpers through a funded aquatics course which gives them certification with an Awarding body that recognises them as an aquatic helper!

What does a Poolside Helper do?

Our Poolside Helpers assist the teachers in the teaching of their lane, they are able to identify errors in the swimmers stroke and correct the swimmer once they have finished their length. Where possible, poolside helpers should be able to demonstrate (from the side of the pool) the correct technique.

Do I need qualifications?

There are no formal qualifications for this role, but you need to be well-spoken and conform with club Safeguarding Policies and etiquette at all times. We have the option for our helpers to undertake a funded Aquatic Helpers course to get them established in their role at the club!

Can anyone join?

Anyone over the age of 16 is able to join, we will carryout the relevant DBS and Safeguarding checks prior to being invited to poolside, this should take no longer than 2 weeks.

Is it a paid position?

Whilst we’d love to pay our team for their hard work, the club is able to offer affordable swimming sessions due to relying on a group of volunteers. Whilst there is no monetary reward offered, there is definitely room for you to excel at the club and become a qualified level 2 swimming teacher!