The Club is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, who give their precious free time to teach, carry out administrative work (like the registers, waiting list, attending meetings), planning, training, learning, and much more!

The Committee is drawn from volunteers, for example parents or teachers. The Committee are nominated by the membership in the run-up to the Annual General Meeting every year. The only post that is not annually renewed is the role of President. The President is chosen by the Committee and is recommended for office to the membership at the AGM.

If you would like to play a more active role in the running of the club, or have a skill that you might be able to offer for a particular activity (for example, fundraising) please talk to our Secretary or any committee member

Here is a quick run down of Who is Who:

Most of these people serve on your committee and attend meetings about every 6 weeks.

They are about on a Thursday evening so feel free to approach them with any queries you may have.


Honorary President: Alan Tilbury


Alan was the Club secretary for over ten years and is well qualified for this Honorary post.

Secretary: Sally Cleverley


Sally is our Secretary. She'll send out the club's weekly emails

Chair: Tony Taylor


The role of Chair is to keep an overall eye on the running of the Club,

facilitate meetings and has the casting vote if needed at the AGM. He's also a Level 2 Teacher

Head Teacher: Fiona Cialis

fiona 502x558

Fiona is in charge of all the other teacher and poolside assistants

Assistant Secretary & Vice Chair: Darren Sayer

IMG 20151126 215529 454x640

Darren deals with membership forms, ASA registrations, keeps the Emergency Contact list up to date and

deals with the sale of 'in stock' swimming equipment

Treasurer: Tracey Gullick

100 54351

Tracey looks after our Accounts

Child Protection & Welfare Officer: Anne Marie Whelan

SAM 13931

Anne Marie looks after our Safeguarding

Committee Member


Mike represents the swimmers at the committee meetings

Committee Meeting Secretary: Debbie Vickers

Debbie Vickers Jan 2018

Debbie organises the minutes at the committee meetings

Website, Certificates & Badges and Medals & Trophies: Simon & Sarah Woodward

SIMON01awaiting photo

Waiting List: Sian Bates

awaiting photo

Sian looks after our waiting list



And now over to the wet side - the people that make the lessons happen

Level 2 Teachers

P5190003 439x640 tt fiona 502x558

Sue, Tony and Fiona

Level 2 Teachers

PB20001020435x6401 emily3 P3230002 800x600 P3230004 P9170005 533x640  Chris

Phil, Emily, Ruhi, George, Sally, Chris.

(awaiting pictures) -Tamzin, Stuart, Liam and Dermot


To all of them we extend our appreciation as without their assistance we would not be able to manage

All over 18's who help on a regular basis will be subject to a DBS check.


Poolside Assistants

We also thank the team of swimmers that come in early every week to help poolside before their own session begins,

their contributions are of great value to the teachers.