THE WAITING LIST - 9th June 2021

We teach from Stage 1 to Stage 8 and then continue with multi-discipline teaching for swimming, water polo, personal survival, diving and synchronised swimming!

Remember that some Stages may not have anyone on the list waiting to join, and that we move children that are in the Club first, then fill any other vacancies from the list

We cap our membership number at around 120, as we are restricted to some extent by the amount of water space available

Children's names are put onto the list in the order in which their membership application was received, with the oldest applications towards the top of the category for that Level

Children under 4 are added to the Small Pool List on reaching their 4th birthday

Older non-swimmers may sometimes be given priority places over younger ones in the Small Pool. This is because older non-swimmers often develop water confidence and skills at a faster pace than young non-swimmers, and can come and go through the lower Stages quite quickly

This means that the Small Pool list below may move in a non-consecutive way

We actively promote the children or grandchildren of regular volunteers to the top of the waiting list, and give members' siblings a higher priority, too

If there are two or more siblings on the list, once one of them takes up a place, the others will automatically go to priority 2

We now only invite children for a trial if we have a vacancy to fill, if the child's ability matches the requirement they will be offered a place. Only if the ability nowhere near matches the vacancy will they be put back on the waiting list.

If we have two or more suitable candidates for a trial the invite will be strictly by date of application

If a child fails to attend an agreed trial without an explanation that child and any sibling applications will be removed from the waiting list


Periodically you will be e-mailed with details of the waiting situation, and asked as to whether you still require the place, if so the current ability of the child.

If you do not respond to a request for information within a given time your application will be removed from the list.

If you later decide you would still like to be considered then you will have to start again from scratch as you will have lost your original slot on the list.

Please remember to let us know if you move, change e-mail address or phone number


The Waiting List - 9th June 2021

New applications are added to the bottom of the lists but trials are based on available places,

if two or more children are suitable for the place then we call in the earliest applicant

SMALL POOL - Under 4's are added to the over 4's list on their birthday - Total 6 Children

CT11 8QD

CT12 5LU

CT11 7ER

CT10 3BH

CT10 6HH (two children)


SMALL POOL - Over 4's - Total 5 Children


CT12 6SY (two children)


CT10 3AL


MAIN POOL - Total 13 children

CT10 2EB (two children)

CT10 3SE

CT11 8AJ

CT10 3BY

CT11 0PL (two children)

CT12 6HH

CT11 0AS

CT11 7HT (two children)

CT10 3NH

CT11 9SH