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Introduction to safeguarding

WAVEPOWER 2020-2023 is the latest Swim England Child Safeguarding Policies and Procedures publication which replaces all previous versions.

It has been produced to assist in safeguarding and protecting children in our sport and must be adopted by all Swim England affiliated clubs and organisations.-such as Broadstairs swimming club.

Ensuring that children are safeguarded should be a key part of how our club operates and helps to provide a safe, happy and fun environment in which children can learn to swim and develop their skills.

The responsibility to safeguard children does not belong to any one person, but instead belongs to everyone who plays a part in delivering our sporting activities. Wavepower is intended for anyone involved in these activities and offers practical guidance and information on mandatory requirements and good practice.

Should you wish to browse any information on safeguarding with regards to diving, swimming or para- swimming please follow the link below. 


This document will be updated in 2023, but when updates or changes take place either in Swim England or through statute or governmental guidance these will be published on the website.


The welfare of the child is, and must always be, paramount.

 It is every child and young person’s right to be protected from abuse irrespective of their age, gender, faith or religion, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, background, economic position, disability or level of ability.

Allegations of abuse or concerns regarding children or adults will be treated seriously and will be responded to swiftly and appropriately.

Confidentiality will be maintained appropriately at all times and the child’s safety and welfare must be the overriding consideration when making decisions on whether or not to share information about them.