Broadstairs Lifeguard and Swimming Club is thought by many to be the oldest swimming Club in Thanet.

The Club swims at Ramsgate Leisure Centre, High Street, Ramsgate, on a Thursday evening.
Session times are

Small Pool 7 - 7.35pm, 7.35 - 8.10pm
Main Pool 8 - 8.35pm, 8.35 - 9.15pm, 9.15 - 10pm

The Club is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, who give their precious free time to introduce and develop water confidence and skills to young people.  All volunteers are DBS checked and undertake regular training seminars, as appropriate.

We teach:

Water confidence and skills
Water polo
Personal Survival (yes, we still do swimming in pyjamas!)
Young people to be the next generation of swimming teachers or lifeguards

The Club uses the Amateur Swimming Association National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS).  This provides each level of swimmer with specific targets to aim for and achieve.  We have adopted the new NPTS brought out by the ASA in late 2008.

Stages 1 and 2 (beginners classes for our younger people, aged 4 upwards) are in the teaching pool from 7pm until 7.35pm.

Stages 3 and 4 (still termed beginners, but with some water confidence and skills) are in the teaching pool and main pool between 7.35pm and 8.10pm.  The time in the Main pool is to further build their confidence before their move into the main pool for Stage 5 and beyond!

Stages 5/6/7 are called improvers, and are currently in the main pool from 8pm until 8.35pm, and another group is in from 8.35 until 9.15pm.  These Stages are where the strokes and skills are further developed, so there is an attention to detail to make sure that the swimmers can demonstrate swimming and water skills to a good standard.

We now teach Stage 8, Competitive Swimming & Diving. (2016)

Finally, the 9.15pm group is for swimmers at least Stage 7, which are of a pre-competitive, intermediate or advanced standard.

Please see the What Badges Can I Do? page for further details of the ASA and Swimming Teachers Association Awards that the Club offers.

Whilst the Club does not compete against other Clubs, we hold our own gala every year to give the swimmers something to aim for and a flavour of competition to see if they would like to further develop their training with a competitive club.  All swimmers are welcome to take part in the gala if they wish to, and all members and their families are more than welcome to come along and cheer them on!

We add a little more excitement by dividing the swimmers into Bays (Joss, Botany, Stone and Viking) so that they can swim in relays  these are very popular with the swimmers and their fans alike!

The Home Page is updated daily with news & events. Here you will find links to popular pages and an application form. We e-mail all members every week with a review of the current week's activities and any urgent information regarding the club. We have a Face Book page which we use for reminders or links to recent or up coming activities.

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Thank you for looking at Broadstairs Lifeguard and Swimming club.  We hope that you have found all the information that you need.

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