When you first become a member, the one-off fee for ASA insurance is £16.50 along with the current months subscription of £13.50 making £30 in total.

The Club is keen to keep monthly charges as low as possible, so that all families can take part.

The current charge is £13.50 per month, per swimmer. This includes badges and certificates, and one Bay Hat

All subscriptions are due on the first Thursday of the month and should be paid by standing order. A form will be provided the first time you attend the club along with an ASA registration form and an Emergency Contact detail form.

Subs can only be paid by other means with the prior permission of the Treasurer.

The banks and building societies often miss the first payment - you might need to check that it goes through!



The Club's insurance does not cover children whose subscriptions are in arrears - please make sure that subs are up to date before your child comes to swim.  We may refuse to accept a child into a session if subs are in arrears.

If you are behind by 2 months or more, you will no longer be counted as a member of the Club and we will fill the space with another swimmer.

The Clubs policy for dealing with subs which are in arrears and the details for the Clubs Hardship Fund are here


Badges & Certificates

These are currently included in the monthly subs cost


Bank Account Details

These are the club bank details if you need to set up a new Standing Order Mandate

Barclay's Bank, Thanet Branches

Sort Code 20-17-92

Account Number 50201413